Listening + Visioning

Regardless of scope or scale of the project, our first task is to study, ask questions, listen and learn in order to fully understand client needs and goals. This is a key step in establishing a program for the project and prioritizing design goals. Our experience plays a key role in the project visioning. As designers we look at the project in various ways to explore what is possible and appropriate for the scope, scale, context and budget. We let our pencils fly to learn about the unique conditions of every site through the drawing process. We share design inspiration to show what can be achieved to transform your space.

Concepts + Communication

Following the Site Analysis and client consultation phase, we develop concepts to illustrate how various design elements work together. This level of exploration is about three-dimensional relationships, grading, circulation and scale. We’re testing the site and design elements to find synergies and ideas that resonate with the client.

Once we’ve developed the ‘bones’ of the project and received feedback we start to add some muscle. Design concepts take form, spatial structures develop and the design starts to become something tangible. We provide options at this stage with the goal of editing and refining to a single conceptual scheme. Drawings, perspectives and 3D renderings communicate the design concepts and allow the client to visualize the design and most effectively assess the ideas.

Sustainable Design

We look for sustainable solutions throughout the process as landscape is always part of a greater ecological system. We emphasize appropriate responses which are integral to the site and design concept. Native and adapted planting, strategic grading, material selection and stormwater management are all part of the overall design that contribute to achieving a more sustainable environment.

Design Review + Permitting

Often the project will require review by various boards and permitting authorities. Whether it’s a Conservation Commission, Planning or Zoning Board, or Historic District Review, we have been though them all. We support the client and the team throughout this process to successfully gain approval for the project to proceed.

Documents + Construction

The remaining stages of the project are about material selection, detailing and constructability. We work with the design team, typically architect and engineers, to bring the design to a point of project bidding. We can recommend contractors and assist with navigating the complexity of the bidding process. This enables the client to make an informed decision about which contractor to select for the project, which typically has a big impact on the overall construction process.

We are hands-on during the construction process. We work closely with the various contractors to see the design come to reality in it’s full 3D form. During construction we may be on site a few times a week to ensure the design intent is being met, from initial site grading through the final plant and lighting installation. We see the project through to completion where the VISION becomes REALITY.