275 Wyman Street Office Complex

Location: Waltham, Massachusetts
Architect: Margulies Perruzzi Architects
Completed: Fall 2015

Hobbs Brook Development is dedicated to a campus landscape. The building complex on Wyman Street is stitched together through landscape. Walking paths, outdoor break spaces, raised community garden beds are all part of the project design. Offices look out on tree canopy with year round interest. The office building development consists of a 10 acre site including a five story office tower and above grade parking garage. The building configurations create a one-acre central courtyard as the focal point all constructed over structure. The design challenge was to make a potentially vehicular dominated space merge with pedestrian scale and program. A series of raised planters and a stepped amphitheater begin to scale the large courtyard to the pedestrian for the building entry sequence, outdoor café terrace and vehicular drop-off area. A hierarchy of native plantings provide careful layering of the space while the perimeter landscape connects the site to the naturalized context. On-site stormwater management techniques are applied to improve water quality, increase infiltration and reduce runoff.

This project was completed with Hobbs Brook Development in the Summer of 2015.