Doherty Memorial High School

Location: Worcester, Massachusetts
Architect: LPA|A with MSBA
Status: Construction Documents

Doherty High School is located at the base of Newton Hill in the center of Worcester. The new campus will extend the park setting throughout the site increasing biodiversity through plant material and creating a campus-wide outdoor classroom experience. A central spine through the main parking lot provides clear, universal pedestrian access throughout the space while various plazas, fitness areas and community planter beds punctuate the program outdoors. To the east the courtyards provide outdoor art and display space and extensive shop and construction activity space supporting the unique academic opportunities at Doherty. A new turf athletic field and bleachers for 1500 will upgrade the school grounds providing competitive space for athletes enhancing the student athlete experience. The new school will be inviting, inclusive and diverse in its programming and opportunities outdoors for students and the greater community.

The project is in Construction Documents with the Site Enabling phase of construction beginning May of 2021.