Merrill Place Residence Hall at Plymouth State

Location: Plymouth State University, Plymouth, New Hampshire
Architect: Perkins & Will
Completed: Fall 2017

Merrill Place is complete and now Award-Winning! Back in 2015 we teamed with Perkins + Will on a fast track design for a 300 bed residence hall at Plymouth State University. Design services included Site Analysis and Site Planning study for selecting the most appropriate location for the proposed building on campus. Working closely with the architects the site plan was developed in response to the matrix of student needs, campus functionality and environmental factors. Creating a destination on the sloping campus the new dorm will also provide a conference center, academic spaces and student services. The landscape provides a context-based medium to integrate the 7-story dorm into the campus and surroundings. Outdoor seating areas provide opportunity for study and direct access to parking and campus transportation. A series of bioswales mitigate stormwater runoff and promote infiltration while demonstrating ecological principles through the landscape.