MIT Bexley Park

Owner: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Architect: Johnson & Johnson
Completed: Fall 2015

MIT’s Bexley Hall, a brick five-story dormitory constructed circa 1900, housed a vibrant community of students and artists for decades prior to being slated for demolition due to structural issues. Studio 2112 was commissioned to design an interim landscape for the site in the heart of campus and which can also serve as a backdrop for student installations.

The concept for the Bexley site is to provide a flexible and interactive landscape, inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity embodied by MIT. While keeping within the building foundation the design incorporates universal access to a central plaza, flexible spaces for display of student works and areas for programmed events. Contemporary and repurposed site furniture provide spaces for gathering and promote an interactive experience. The sloped lawn plane creates space for passive recreation and informal groups. The site directs storm runoff toward integrated rain gardens which will manage stormwater on-site. The interim landscape was completed in fall 2015 and will remain in place for 3-5 years while the campus considers long-term plans for the site.